A Breakthrough in Aquaculture Additives Market - New Feed Additive with Triple Benefits

The production of fish feed additives for the aquaculture industry is a thriving Industry. These natural substances are being used for several purposes including promoting growth of farmed fish, enhancing the immune systems, obtaining the desired flesh and skin pigmentation, and more. Feed additives used need to have a composition which does not effect human health. Recently Nofima scientists have contributed to this industry a new protein-based process additive with three times benefits that can help reduce the loss of feed in the aquaculture industry while making the production of feed more energy-efficient. Millions of tonnes of feed is used each year across the globe. Since the feed is transferred through long tubes in the fish cages, it should be able to withstand the mechanical load it experiences. If not, the feed will end up breaking down and clogging the feed-supply system. A large amount of feed is wasted every year, increasing the annual cost of the aquaculture industries. In order to reduce the loss, the feed must be homogeneous and have good physical properties. This new additive has been made from marine raw materials or plant proteins.  It is believed to have triple benefits. It functions as a binding agent, has high nutritional value and is said to make it easier to produce fish feed with good physical properties. Different types of food additives are used currently like antibiotics, vitamins, feed acidifiers and more. Amino acids were the largest product segment of the aquaculture additives market in 2014, accounting for over 25% of the revenue share. Proteins are an important type of macromolecules which are necessary for healthy growth of the fish. Studies say that fishes are incapable of synthesizing ten indispensable amino acids, viz., tryptophan, histidine , methionine, arginine, threonine, , isoleucine, lysine, leucine, valine and phenylalanine. Thus, large number manufacturers are adding protein sources to aquafeed now to enhance growth and improve overall health. Global aquaculture additive industry has been researched comprehensively for a future outlook and current scenario of the market. Find this report at http://emarketorg.com/pro/global-aquaculture-additive-industry-2015-market-research-report/ .