Airbags Market 2017 Trends – Global Industry Analysis

Every household wants to possess a car for basic conveyance need, comfort or luxury. Cars today have become safer than ever thanks to the ever growing airbag market. Fatality rates from car accidents are dropping every year and expected to lower even more in the future; and airbags are contributing a lot to this trend.

The air bag market deals with different kinds based on their positioning in the car. It is observed that frontal airbags (the ones located at the front seats) have reduced the fatality rate of the front seat passengers by 29% and that of passengers age 13 and older by 32 percent. Some of the other kinds of airbags offered by the airbag industry today are rear-seat airbags, side torso airbags and side curtain airbags. Recently, new knee airbags have hit the automotive market. These small size airbags have helped minimize lower limb injuries of the passengers when they are about to hit the dashboard. These very important airbags are located under the steering column on the driver’s side and under the glovebox on the passenger’s side.

The major driving forces of the airbag market is definitely safety from unexpected accidents and catastrophes, child safety, adult passenger care and more. More and more automotive companies today are deploying this feature in their car models as safety is becoming a necessity for people for their cars. Several countries even today do not have traffic rules followed strictly. The unexpected flow of traffic does cause great harm to lives and the car itself. Thus, it is becoming essential for the car owners to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones.

Some of the latest airbag innovations trending in the airbags market besides knee airbags are Front Center Airbag used by general Motors and Inflatable Seatbelts by Ford. These inflatable seatbelts are a cross between an airbag and a seatbelt and is targeted to protect the rear-seat passengers from head, neck and chest injuries.

Thus, it is evident that this airbag industry is here to stay for long. Installing airbags will no longer be a part of the luxury cars market. Soon, all the automotive companies will have to install these airbags as more and more customers are demanding safety. Global airbag market Key players and decision makers are looking into the mechanism of airbag installation to attract sales of their car brands. has accumulated meticulously researched reports related to the growing airbags market and its decision makers to take apt decisions related to the airbag industry.

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