Ambulance Market Research - Air, Emergency Medical Services Industry Overview

There are several ambulance market drivers which have led to the increase in use of these emergency medical services. With fast growing population across the globe in addition to rising environmental and distance constraints, more and more people are wanting quick and apt medical help at their service. Other driving forces of ambulance market include increase in the aging population and subsequent increase in the incidence of chronic health problems, scarcity of primary care clinics and providers; all of which have led to the increase in use of ambulances. It is also believed that the population of people aged 65 and beyond will continue to rise through 2018 which will add to the growth of this market in the coming years. Ambulance or emergency ambulance has been a crucial part of hospitals, medical care facilities and overall healthcare market. This includes paramedics and other medical emergency available at ones doorstep. These emergency vehicles on wheels have changed design wise from car-based ambulances to the once which look like box vehicles or van like vehicles. Internally also, these vehicles have been seeing a transition from basic paramedic facilities available inside to customized cabinets, bells and more making sure the best utilization of the available space while keeping in mind the comfort and care of the patient. Thus, the ambulance market has seen a continuous upgradation in terms of product design, services including air ambulance. With high end technology being introduced in ambulances, they have become more reliable in predicting and treating medical emergencies. This has also led to rise in demand of the emergency ambulance market . The increasing demand of the ambulance market can be understood from sources like the number of emergency phone calls made each day in different parts of the world. For example the ambulance service in England received 861,000 emergency phone calls in March 2016 - which equates to 27,800 a day - compared to 22,400 calls a day in March 2015, a rise of 24% in a year. Thus with this rising need of quick and better healthcare, it is a good time for the key players of the ambulance market and the once who need to take important decisions for their emergency ambulance business. has several well researched reports that will help understand the current and future market of ambulance better. You can buy these reports at: