Automotive ADAS Market and Future of Autonomous Cars

Car safety or road safety is becoming increasingly important today. Advanced driver-assistance systems market or ADAS market is here to assist car drivers to a safe and easy driving process. With many automobile companies moving towards autonomous vehicles, many systems implanted together along with ADAS are helping in achieving this autonomous vehicle assembly. Some of these ADAS systems already in use in the market include Collision Mitigation Braking, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assistance, Blind Spot Warning etc.

Key players of the ADAS market are coming up with advanced systems to assist the car drivers in the best way possible. There systems help differentiate a police car from a taxi, a delivery truck from an ambulance, a parked car from the one which is about to move in the traffic flow. Well, ADAS market players claim to help differentiate cyclists from absent minded pedestrians. In short, companies are working very hard to lay a powerful foundation for applications that help in object detection and bifurcation, map localization, path planning and more in order to take car driver assistance to the next level.

ADAS market players have a lot to research on before they come up with the best driver assistance system and stand a place in the competitive landscape. According to researches the six areas to be considered for these ADAS market players include: driving scenario systems simulation, functional safety analysis, sensor simulation, software and algorithm development, electronics and hardware simulation and semiconductor simulation.

According to the The Self-Driving Report of BI Intelligence 2016, 10 million self-driving cars will be on the road by 2020. This movement towards autonomous cars is picking pace and according to researches, OEMs like Tesla, Mercedes and BMW have or are soon launching ADAS features that give the car partial  self- drive feature while some companies like Google and Uber are already testing prototypes of complete self-driving cars on roads in US. The ADAS market is providing different levels of these systems depending on the level of automation needed. It ranges from the basic and common features including reverse camera and cruise control for driver assistance to partial automation where lane assistance and collision avoidance are controlled by the system. Conditioned automation and high automation are the highest levels of system assistance provided by the ADAS market in which the car is self- driven in certain circumstances and self-parking is also made possible.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) will not be a mere costly additional feature in luxury cars; it will be a standard security feature for all the new cars launched in the market in the years to come. This growing ADAS market is being looked on as a major advantage for automobile companies to grow and make their niche space in the industry with innovative features of ADAS systems in their new vehicles. To know more on the indepth research outcomes of the ADAS market, explore the reports as shown below:

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