Breast Pumps Market (Manual, Electric) Attracting Moms with Advanced Features

Incessant innovation and R&D in the breast pumps market is driving sales volumes for key industry players that aim to help mothers across the globe be at ease in extracting breast milk, irrespective of their personal or professional status. With internet penetration rising in developing regions of the world, APAC and EMEA are set to see significant demand in breast pump market supported with online businesses focusing on niche topics of health, moms, etc or on online retailing in general. Nuclear and single-parent families are rising every day in major regions, which make single mothers a very huge target audience for the breast pump market. That does not mean top companies give any less importance to married mothers who are active professionally, around their house for daily chores or who simply need their me-time and prefer the usage of breast pumps. With the uses and benefits of breast pumps being recognized by mothers globally, the technology (open and closed systems) and product [manual, electric (single electric, double electric breast pumps) ] segments are attracting continuous research and improvement. With the introduction and acceptance of electric breast pumps, the manual pumps are now seeing increased competition. Advancing technology developments have now resulted in a smart breast pump, which is Bluetooth-enabled and pairs up with an accompanying iOS and Android app that tracks and records the date, time and duration of each pumping session, as well as the amount of breast milk pumped per session. With the initiatives under Obamacare mandate, relevant sectors like nursing pods are also giving a boost to the demand in breast pump market. Not only is the usage of breast pumps seeing great traction, where and how are these pumps being used is also gaining importance. Corporate attention is getting sensitive and with government initiatives, new business services like these nursing pods are gaining traction too. Quoting from a recent press release on nursing pods in Chicago Tribune: "This is a personal issue for us," said Sascha Mayer, 45, CEO and co-founder of Mamava. "When we were doing business, we were constantly forced to pump in bathrooms or the back seats of cars or storage closets. We said there had to be a better way." At, we have two brand new research reports on breast pumps market: Global Electric Breast Pump Market 2015-2020: Spread across 131 pages and supported with 155 data tables and figures on electric breast pumps market statistics, this research talks about brands and companies like Philips Avent, Medela AG, Ameda AG, ARDO, Lasinoh, Pigeon, Dr. Brown’s, NUK, Tommee Tippee, Evenflo Feeding, Whittlestone, Inc, Hygeia, Bailey Medical, FreiCare Swiss GmbH, Albert International, Snow Bear, Horigen and Goodbaby. The marketing and sales channels analysis covering pharmacy, online, stores and others is also covered in this 2016 electric breast pump market research available at . Global Manual Breast Pumps Market 2011-2020: This study provides regional data for USA, EU, Japan, China, The Middle East, Southeast Asia and India on the manual breast pump market and is available at .