Cloud Robotics Market Size and Industry Overview Reports Released

Cloud robotics Market is becoming an important sector of the cloud computing industry. Cloud robotics encompasses the shared services while using cloud technologies of cloud computing, internet technologies and cloud storage.

As the robot stores massive amount of data, once the limit of data storage is exceeded, it can be offloaded to cloud and can be further helped and controlled. Cloud robotics market has seen a rapid advancement in the global market and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 29% by 2022. Cloud robotics market incorporates the internet related aspects of various robots where human based computation or online sharing of source is involved.

In today’s time of advanced technology, the cloud robotic market has man such drivers that will help sustain this industry for long. With the help of cloud, a robot is enabled with 3D mapping, path planning, speech recognition and language translation like powers. In this era of everything ‘Smart’, robots are made smarter with the help of cloud by sharing real time database knowledge. Cloud robotics makes it possible to transfer heavy computer data to cloud and helps in lighter and cheaper hardware maintenance. Refurbishing a very old robot is also possible by using cloud technologies. So cloud is giving new dimension to the robotics industry and is making the robots even more smarter. Key players of the cloud robotics market are taking full advantage of this revamped robots in various fields and utilizing the to the fullest.

Some of the outcomes of this cloud robots market being created in different parts of the world are LAAS- user friendly manual robot, ASORO labs robots of Singapore, Gostai- the French robot used for speech recognition , face detection and more and even Google’s self-driven cars are one of the best examples of use of cloud technology for robotics.

While the cloud robotics market is rapidly evolving with innumerable new technologies being introduced each day, but one can easily say from what this industry is already offering today that it is a long and bright journey for this cloud robotics market. eMarketOrg has accumulated research reports created by a team of experts who have studied the market for its current standing and future prospects. You can access these reports by clicking the links below: