Collagen Market Basics and Product Value Information

As an important substance in human and animal bodies, collagen plays a role in health of one’s skin, joints, hair, cartilage and more. The collagen market has developed over years focusing on its benefits while offering supplements and products that are now becoming commonly available. With consumers becoming health conscious and aware about their body types, what suits them and more, various segments and applications of collagen market see consistent demand across geographies. Acting as a glue that almost holds a human body together, collagen is gaining importance in various forms and according to benefits targeted by end-users. With latest research showing collagen’s capability to remodel body tissue and break down enzymes, the role of collagen is not only expanding but also gaining increasing importance for biological processes. Commercially growing in nearly double digit CAGR, the collagen market is already worth billions of dollars and moving ahead consistently. Usually segmented by source, type and applications, collagen industry continuously keeps researching and studying the business aspects to maintain profitability and keep adding newer products for consumers. Life sciences industry segments of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, drug delivery and tissue engineering are huge applications for collagen products and drive demand to a considerable extent, globally. Food & beverages and cosmetics are other applications being targeted by collagen market players for expansion and growth. Amongst the food sources of collagen, egg whites, green tea, fish oil and berries (vitamin C to be specific) are widely favoured sources, with green tea primarily playing the role of helping collagen remain intact and not breakdown. In terms of collagen processing done to make it bio-available, hydrolysis process has its own importance due to the benefit it offers in terms of breaking the collagen into smaller parts. Based on rigidity and elasticity, collagen is segmented into type 1, type 2 and type 3 collagen. Type 1 is generally said to be useful for bones while type 2 collagen is better for skin, hair, joints and more. For the stakeholders of collagen market, has Global Collagen Industry 2016 Market Research Report spread across 159 pages and supported with 162 data tables and figures. Companies like Baotou Dongbao Bio-Tech Co. Ltd., Botiss Biomaterials GmbH, Collagen Matrix, Inc., Collagen Solutions plc, CollPlant Ltd., EternoGen LLC, Kyeron B.V., Medtronic plc, Nippi, Inc. and Taxus Cardium Pharmaceuticals Group are profiled in this research available at .