Food and Beverage Industry 2015 Survey Results, Trends and More

The food and beverage industry chain includes varied business processes starting from agriculture, agrichemicals, agricultural construction, farm machinery, food processing, promotion of generic products (e.g., milk board), new products, advertising, marketing campaigns, packaging, food-service and transportation, warehousing for wholesale food distribution and much more. A survey conducted on the food and beverage industry helped observe some of the following trends in the current year 2015: Good and bad food habits: With distress over obesity, there is a growing importance on unsaturated and natural fats and oils as well as the return of natural flavors in the food. Snacking during busy schedules: Formal mealtimes are continuing to demur in popularity and a huge inclination is observed towards snacks. Quick but healthy foods are tending to replace habitual meal times and more snacks are consumed during different parts of the day. Labels on packet: As natural foods have become crucial to the consumers today, manufacturers need to increasingly stress on the naturalness and origin of their products. The Millennials: The alleged Millennial generation, generally aged between 15 and 35, accounts for about a third of the global population and is socially engaged and tech savvy. These are the well-informed crowd who know their products and their connect with them. Home cooking: Cooking shows and food blogging have a great influence on people today. This has increased the demand of a wide variety of fresh foods, ingredients for cooking but also a wider use of recipe suggestions by manufacturers. These trends have a remarkable influence on the food and beverage industry. The global food and beverage retail industry has witnessed a noteworthy growth over the last five years and is expected to continue its growth momentum, reaching approximately US $5,776 billion in 2017 with a CAGR of 5%. Factors such as increasing consumer spending and changing lifestyle, taste, and preferences are expected to drive the industry over the years to come. In this scenario, investing in food and beverages market should be a wise decision provided a strategic decision based on adequate and timely information is made. One needs to know about the worldwide status of food and beverage industry and its annual / geographic trends, new product launches, merger and acquisition activities, cost structure trends - globally and regionally – and much more. Find the latest research at .