Food Packaging Market Trends and Future of Industry Segments

Food packaging market is a booming industry as it plays a significant role of maintaining the benefits of food after its processing is complete, enabling foods to travel safely to far of places from their point of origin and still be wholesome at the time of consumption. Packaging can be done using materials such as paper, plastic, glass, aluminum and wood which is used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery of goods from raw to processed end products. Packaging industries today rely on expertise of sophisticated machinery and manufacturers to control and monitor the packaging operations. Food packaging market offerings vary as per the food type and applications. Some foods need a superior quality insulation and protection from compression and bruising while the others need high visibility of their food product and minimal protection to catch the attention of the end user. Particular care is taken for aseptic food packaging market applications like canned foods, soups and sterilized milk. These are generally found in a jar or a can packaging lined with cardboard to protect the food from light. Food packaging industry has seen some innovations over the past few decades in relative proportions of the packaging materials used including glass, metal, paper, plastic etc. The most significant of these within the food packaging market has been the transition from glass to plastic like PET (polyethylene terephthalate) . PET bottles have been introduced in the market since less than 50 years but have taken to the market successfully since then.  Weighing light, sustainability and using bio-based plastics are also some of the current trends of the food packaging industry. Growing environmental concerns and increasing preferences of consumers towards biodegradable materials is a sign towards a boost for the overall growth of the biodegradable packaging and green food packaging market. N. America and Europe will dominate the overall market of biodegradable packaging, Asia’s growing population will boost this regional biodegradable packaging market. With the advancement in the technology based packaging which provides the required sustainability to the consumers, healthy growth will be seen in food packaging market in the coming years. It is believed that applications in F&B industry will conquer a majority of the share for active and intelligent packaging market. Analysts have also forecast the worldwide bio-plastic packaging market to exceed USD 8 billion by 2022. Also, growing population in the developing countries is expected to drive the food processing and packaging industry over the forecast period. Recent environmental initiatives by some of the largest U.S. fast food companies and municipalities across the country have prompted the use of paperboard packaging. With the ever-increasing involvement of technology in the field of food packaging market, it is expected to provide consumers with a way to both send data to and receive information from producers and distributors. has accumulated well researched reports on the growing food packaging market for manufacturers and decision makers of this industry. Some of these include: World Green Food Packaging Film Market Study – 2017 Research 2022 Forecasts Report @ Global Food Packaging Equipments Market Research Report 2017 @ Global Aseptic Packaging For Food Market Research Report 2017 @ Global Poultry And Seafood Packaging Market Research Report 2017 @ Global Metal Food Packaging Market Professional Survey Report 2017 Global Food Glass Packaging Market Research Report 2017