Fortified Foods Market Trends and Opportunity Analysis

Fortified foods have emerged with the intention to reach out to maximum people facing malnutrition and to reach out to more and more people lacking access to sufficient amount of nutrients. Fortified foods market today has evolved with increasing food choices of people across the globe and increasing consciousness about the type and amount of nutrients the body receives. Fortified foods market has created its own space in the food and beverage industry today. As we all know, nutrients are a natural part of the foods we eat. Fortified foods are foods to which extra nutrients have been added to meet the demand of the body during a day. Your breakfast can be fortified with iron to give the correct kickstart to the day. Lunch can be made with added vitamin D added to it by the use of fortified foods. Your evening plate of pasta can be packed with extra nutrients by addition of folic acid to it.   Fortified foods market is being driven by several factors today and not just the basic need of providing the right nutrients to limited geographies. In developed countries like U.S., major driver is the rising awareness and consciousness for need of the right kind of nutrients in the right amounts by the body. Besides that, there are several nutrient packed foods which may not be available in all the parts of the world. Fortified foods market takes care of the specific consumers needs and fortification of food is definitely a cost-effective way to supply vital nutrients to different parts of the world. The nutrients present in perishable food items like meats, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables can be made available in grains form, for example, by fortifying them. In such cases, expense of transporting these food items is cut down. Another important driver of the fortified foods market is that a significant reduction in nutrient-based diseases is seen across the world.   The commercial growth of fortified foods market projected at more than 6% CAGR to 2027 is supported by global organizations like World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) that have taken up to spreading the awareness of fortified foods to reduce the malnutrition rate across the world. Currently, Fortified foods market is gaining momentum in developed countries generating large market shares owing to the increasing health consciousness and awareness among the people. Food fortification market is making a huge contribution to developed countries like the UK and USA. It is also expanding its growth zone in the Asia pacific and Middle East with the fast spreading health awareness. Thus, fortification is definitely becoming a popular means of improving the nutritional status of a population and is definitely expected to grow at a fast pace in the coming years. eMarketOrg has following reports related to the fortified foods market: Global Fortified Foods Market Research Report 2017 Global Vitamin Fortified and Mineral Enriched Foods and Beverages Market Research Report 2017