Future of Tires Market: Green Tire and Smart Tyres Lead Growth

While automobiles are going green today why cannot the tires of these automobiles? We do not give much thought about the tires of an automobile as the automobile itself. Tire often go unnoticed till they actually go flat. Green tire market is bringing tires and related issues and solutions to the notice of people.

Green tire market is bringing to our notice the effect of weather on tire and ways tackle many such other problems. As we all might have noticed that our tires run smoothly in good weather conditions and vice versa. Green tires market has set goals to make tires in a way that helps the automobile operate in a more efficient manner. For example, low rolling resistance tires use less energy as compared to the traditional tires. Making the tire efficient and hence the automobile efficient helps save the consumer’s money and time.

Green tires market is ensuring that the automobile tires are green even before they are placed on the vehicle. Key players of the tires market are making the manufacturing process eco-friendly. Researches have suggested potential harmful impact on the environment due o traditional tire manufacturing process. The key driver for the green tire market therefore is awareness and environment protection in general. Green tire market has taken care of several aspects of the tire making process like using more efficient and less wasteful machinery which has helped reduce the hazards caused by it on the environment.

Green tires market is also focusing on using green materials for making the tires and also emphasizes on regular replacement and recycling of old tires. Approximately 7 gallons of oil is used to make a tire. Key players like Goodyear have slashed down the amount of petroleum-based oil that is being used by switching it with soyabean oil. Soyabean oil is expected to extend tread life by 10% and also help save 7 million gallons of oil per year used from total consumption of Goodyear alone.

Green tire market is promptly being followed by the smart tire market in terms of growth each year. While awareness is the key driver for both these markets, prompt indication of the wear and tear of the tire with IoT support is the highlight of the future of smart tire market. Smart tire market is targeting safety, comfort and weather adaption features for consumers’ cars’. smart tire market is expected to be a perfect marriage between technology and innovation that will lead to the growth of this industry for years to come. Top players like Michelin are coming up with sci-fi movie like innovations for tires which will amaze the world. They are researching on in built sensors in the tire that will monitor and help one keep track of tread wear along with giving real time information about performance and maintenance with the help of a companion app and thus be replaced by their innovative 3D printed tread replacements.

So, it is very evident that the future of tires is not just green, it is innovative and smart as well. To know more about the development trends and future of these ever-growing markets, you can visit the links below to well researched reports available with eMarketOrg.com:

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