Global Online Education Market Analysis and Industry Statistics

Online education market has been evolving since its inception globally with advancement in IT Technology. Online education offered today is professional training and certification preparation kind of courses or credit courses offered for tertiary education for higher education for credit like the popular Harvard Online learning.

Although campus based learning has its own importance, but online education has several drivers which are leading to the fast growth of this industry of education. According to a recent survey, around 48% of respondents were happy to pursue an online course that will enhance their skills while having started their working careers. This shows the immense future potential of the online education market.

online education market

The global e-learning market is forecast to grow at more than 7% CAGR to cross $300 billion in next 6 to 8 years. Several drivers are contributing to the ongoing growth pattern of this industry. Maturity of education technology, e-learning through gaming, application of IT security and cloud based solutions, new technologies like wearable technology and large amount of online content being generated and introduced to the world which can be used at the convenience of the user; all these are big drivers driving the online education market at an unimaginable fast pace.

According to a recent feedback survey on online education impact on the students in general; the fact that this form of education is cheaper is helping many people who otherwise cannot afford university education; they have access to their classroom recordings at their convenience is making online education popular among respondents. Also, the personal one-on-one lessons and question-answer sessions have made the students very comfortable to ask anything they want, personal attention and unique learning experience are all helping take teacher-student interaction to a new level.

So, this fast-growing online education market not just involves good content or good online tutors, new and ever evolving technology has also a lot to contribute to this. If you are a decision maker of this online education industry and want to know more about the current scenario and future prospects of this online education market, you can access a new 2018 well-researched report by industry experts accumulated by as shown below:

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