Global Pet Care Market Size and Industry Statistics Reports Released

In the recent times pets are more important to their owners than ever, pushing the pet care market growth at a steady pace. With growing pet population and increased awareness about proper pet care and pet monitoring, global pet care industry is booming currently.

Pet wearables market alone is expected to near USD 10 billion in the upcoming decade. Dog and cat treats, smart pet collars, pet care monitoring and more are becoming increasingly important to the owners. Pet products of varied designs and colors are available to meet the customers’ demands and to match up with the owners’ lifestyle. Pet care has strongly touched the humanization sentiment which is strongly driving the pet care industry and things like customization of pet care products is gaining fast entry into this market. So today, the pet care market is not just limited to pet food of various kinds. Pet tech is the new thing in pet care industry and is huge in terms of product innovation to satisfy customer needs. Automatic feeders, smart leashes, ball launches and smart microchip-enabled collars are some of the examples.

Several pet specialty stores for pet care have opened across the globe but since past few years, internet retailing is also emerging fast to compete with these stores. A stable 3% global growth is expected up to 2022 for the pet care market. Although US will continue to dominate the pet care market, China will emerge very fast as an important pet care market too. Canada is expected to grow at similar rate for next 5 years. Globally, even today pet food, treats, pet organic food, pet dietary supplements will continue to dominate over the other expensive pet care products.

With increasing consciousness of eating right of the pet owners, pet care is not let behind and pet care market is offering better and heathy pet food products to meet the consumer needs.  Freeze-dried bits, kibble or small treats of different shapes, textures and flavors, small pet candies with healthy chia seed variety and more are the current pet food demands.

So, healthy pet food or smart pet collar and pet monitoring device; all are becoming increasingly important to pet owners as they want the best for the important member of their family; and this shows the future importance and possible growth prospects of the pet care market. eMarketOrg has accumulated some pet care market related expertly analyzed research reports for the decision makers and key players of the industry: