Global Solar Panel Recycling Market Scenario Studied

The solar panel recycling market, globally, is quite an untapped and unexploited market with a lot of potential and business opportunities in years to come as large number of these solar panels are currently entering the waste stream each year.

According to International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the major waste product of overall solar panel market is glass which could add up to 78 million tones globally by 2050. This if put for recycling, can amount to the product worth approximately $15 billion by 2050. This solar panel recycling market products and materials can help generate fresh 2 million pieces of solar panels which can be made available to the global market thus ensuring a continuous supply of these panels in the years to come.

Solar panel market has seen a rapid growth which is evident from the fact that approximately 222GW of these panels were installed globally and 4500GW is expected to be installed by 2050. More than 23 million solar panels are installed in Australia alone. This will present a significant business opportunity for solar panel recycling market segment, says the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). This makes it very evident that new business opportunities are huge for recycling the waste coming from these huge number of solar panels being installed at such a fast pace. The very idea of using solar energy in the panels is to reduce the available natural source of energy. With the global moto of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3R’s), how can we not think of recycling these solar panels. Key players of solar panel recycling market are now looking at not just recycling glass, which is the primary material obtained from solar panel recycling; but also aluminum, which is the second most important product obtain from the panels.

Electronic waste market grew with the similar idea of recycling the large amounts of electronic products used globally. This industry has made its niche space and is ever growing. It is believed that with the correct technology support, development and analysis, solar panel recycling market will also gain momentum and key players of this industry will see considerable economic growth in years to come.

Besides solar panel recycling market proving to show environmental benefits and social responsibility sentiments, this waste stream management industry should be considered a great opportunity for new and existing companies of this solar panel recycling market to start extending their research, energies and investment towards a brighter economic growth.

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