GPS Anti Jamming Market Opening New Tech Revenue Channels

The vulnerability of global positioning system (GPS) has given rise to GPS anti jamming market with technology, products and solutions that help ensure illegal or any jammers do not influence the functioning or data sharing process of GPS. Latest trend in the electronic warfare or overall security market is addition of anti-jamming products in GPS sector. Governments, organizations and multiple stakeholders are becoming increasingly aware about the importance of these GPS anti jamming products created with the sole purpose of ensuring data safety and reliability. Companies, big and small, are now targeting the anti-jamming products market in GPS ecosystem giving rise to a completely new and certainly an important segment. Not only are individually products now available that protect jamming of GPS devices and data, manufacturers of global positioning system navigation devices are also aiming to incorporate anti-jamming and anti-spoofing measures in their designs. Valuable additions such as inertial sensors and antennas that draw from multiple Global Navigational Satellite Systems (GNSS) or can determine the direction from which signals are arriving help improve the chances that a malicious attack or GPS outage can be withstood. Jamming detection devices are gaining ground gradually with crimes around GPSS jamming also supported with ‘spoofing’ that either black-outs the GPS or results in call drops via interference with cell towers. With initial GPS anti jamming market products and applications limited to military and governments to fight electronic warfare, recent technological advancements and developments have made the anti-jamming products cheaper. For example, GPSdome by Focus Telecom neither directly competes with anit-jammers for military electronic warfare equipment nor is it as expensive as those used in the battlefield. Commercially applied, GPS anti-jamming is seeing increased adoption in unmanned aerial systems and drones, which face genuine as well as wrong-intentioned challenges in operations. Because the base of these functions is GPS, anything that helps them run smoothly and execute their job is going to be a big help when it comes to combating jamming. A very recent study titled Global GPS Anti-Jamming Market Research Report 2016 is now available with This report is of 116 pages and talks about GPS anti jamming product types covering nulling system, beam steering system and civilian system. Applications of GPS anti-jamming products across military, commercial transportation grade offerings and government grade sectors are discussed for their consumption, market share and growth rates. Companies like Rockwell Collins, The Raytheon Company, NovAtel, Inc, Cobham plc, Mayflower Communications Company, BAE Systems, Furuno Electric Company Ltd, Harris Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Thales Group and The Boeing Company are studied in this research on anti-jamming for GPS available at .