Guacamole Market Seeing Innovation Due to Rising Avocado Prices and Demand

With an estimated 100 million pounds (volume) worth guacamole market on a single day of Super Bowl, health benefits and rising awareness around it are giving guacamole and its major ingredient, Avocado, a huge boost in demand. Traditionally, the preference was to prepare guacamole at home with recipes that taste one’s family members. However, with the advent of all-time-moving lifestyles, people hardly have time to ‘cook’ for themselves and fast-paced lifestyles are one of the major reasons that guacamole market of pre-made and variety of products is gaining grounds. With Avocado growing in limited atmospheric conditions, there is one section of guacamole industry opponents that care for Mexico seeing deforestation so that Avocado can be grown in larger quantity and exported to the U.S. More and more people are accepting guacamole with a variety of dishes, pushing the demand for Avocado sky-rocket and ultimately making Avocado farming a hugely lucrative business proposition. Initially, a ‘day-old’ guacamole consumption was not considered good due to effects it could have over one’s health. The guacamole market players and those dealing with Avocado, directly or indirectly, have now come up with an equipment called Avocado time machine that helps keep avocados green up to ten days, without adding preservatives, chemicals or additives and yet maintaining the health benefits. Apart from the U.S., a country like New Zealand is seeing crimes due to increased Avocado consumption resulting into its shortage amidst rising local and global demand. Across the continent, a couple of months ago Britain saw recalling and removing of guacamole from one of its biggest supermarket chains on fear of guacamole containing salmonella. So, what the guacamole industry is seeing at global level is not only the growth and demand increments, but also the challenges it may have moving forward in terms of ingredient shortages, pricing, few negatives to the ‘all is well’ health benefits that are drawing consumers to go crazy as of date and much more. Another example of innovation sought in guacamole is the usage of watermelons that is being tried by several users. The ease of making it at home offers the innovation edge in form of varied recipes that may be tried by several common people. On the other hand, with the craze of Avocado and guacamole market offerings, consulting firms like PWC easily utilize these as the base of providing ideas to businesses (grocers and supermarkets, for example) with an objective of providing a ‘community feeling’ as well as ‘engaging’ their customers in today’s social media driven times. Dating back to 2009, a study showed more than one of every three foodservice operations lists items on the menu which mention either Avocado or Guacamole. Growing consistently since them, the Avocado and Guacamole market are seeing great strides today and offer a lot of scope for innovation in their offerings. The Global Guacamole Industry 2016 Market Research Report available with is of 152 pages and guacamole market analysis is supported with 165 data tables and figures in this study. The report provides regional guacamole coverage for United States, EU, China and Japan. Companies like Fresherized Foods, Yucatan Foods, B&G Foods, Sabra Dipping, Frontera Foods, Mrs. Wages, General Mills, Hormel Foods and many others are discussed in this guacamole research available at .