High Barrier Packaging Market Size of Films and Products Reviewed

Products of high barrier packaging market, particular the flexible ones have been protecting our food, beverages and other products for quite a while now extending their shelf lives and convenience for us. High barrier packaging market has gain increasing importance not just in food and beverage sectors but also in other consumables and pharmaceutical packaging industries.

High barrier packaging market has spread its wings across various sectors helping us receive fresh food and sterile medical products while it is also helping in boosting crop yields. By end user applications, food packaging leads the share of high barrier films and foil flexible packaging market. High barrier flexible packaging market has to offer many monolayer and multilayer flexible packaging products ranging from basic monolayer bags and wraps to laminated multilayered products of plastic, paper, metal foil and more. These high barrier packaging market products play a major role in providing a shield against gas and vapor for food, consumables and other pharmaceutical products. They are doing a great job in increasing the shelf life of these products.

The pouch packaging provided by the high barrier packaging market for foods like snacks, meat, pet food, pharmaceutical products and more is growing rapidly owing to the industry drivers like the need of convenience for working adults in families, shorter food preparation time, need of convenient packaging and the need of on-the-go food or single-serve packaging. Foil packaging; another product of the high barrier packaging market is used for packaging foil laminates, foil bags, pouches and sachets.

The backbone of this high barrier packaging market however is high barrier film. Film manufacturing companies worldwide are investing considerably on the research of enhancing the properties of these films keeping in mind the consumer needs. These key players are focusing on maintaining the light weight property of these films while not compromising on the barrier properties. Some the major drivers of the high barrier film sector of the high barrier packaging market are; high demand for increasing shelf life of perishable food items, the need of transparency and see through property of the barrier to be able to see the food stored inside, the demand of extensive barrier properties to product from gas, vapor and thus assuring no spoilage. 2014 data shows US led transparent barrier films material market with more than 20% volume share as Japan was not very behind at number two. Regional, with more than 30% global market volume, Western Europe led the industry as APAC and N. America rise steadily.

For high barrier packaging market decision makers, eMarketOrg has a report titled ‘Global High Barrier Packaging Films Market Research Report 2017’ available at https://emarketorg.com/pro/global-high-barrier-packaging-films-market-research-report-2017/