Infant Car Seat Market and Baby Safety Seats Industry Research

Baby or infant safety is very crucial to parents, even more then their own safety. And when it comes to safety, a parent has to make the biggest decision of choosing the best car seat from a vast array made available by the Infant car seat market.

Parents today are not just happy with car seat belts alone, they want the safest infant car seat with the best possible features to help them be at ease with their kids on the road. Infant car seat market is growing at a rapid pace and each industry player is striving to offer a vast range of safety features to choose from in the infant car seat.

According to a recent research the compounded annual growth rate of the infant car seat Industry was noted to be near 5% and it was recorded that the infant car seat industries of the countries namely United States, , Japan, Europe, and China have accounted for more than 50% of the global consumer market share.

There are several factors driving this Infant car seat market. The first and the most important being a safe and convenient ride that parents want for their kids. The second feature is the increasing awareness of safety of children on road. Also, in some countries using infant car seat has been made compulsory. One more important driver is the many user friendly and safety features made available by the key players of the Infant car seat market that help parents be at ease all the time even when they are travelling long distances.

The features offered by the Infant car seat market to make these seats very comfortable for children include foam padding and soft fabric covers, a strong harness that protects jerking forward babies’ heads during sudden braking or in case of an accident. Baby car seat and infant safety seats market offers different products based on different age groups like:

Group 0+ (birth – 13kg, around 12-15 months)

Group 0+/1 (birth to 18kg, around 4 years)

Group 0+/1/2/3 (birth to 36kg or 135cm, approx 12 years)

Infant car seats market is here to stay and grow leaps and bounds in the years to come as it is being introduced in more and more countries while it is being made compulsory in the developed countries.  Decision makers of the Infant car seats market looking to get a better idea of the current scenario and future prospects of the baby car seat and infant safety seats market, can access a new 2018 report accumulated by as shown below:

Global Infant Safety Seat Market Research Report 2018 @