Material Handling Cobots Market Growth to 2022 Led by APAC announces addition of Global Material Handling Cobots Market By End-User, Application, And Region – Analysis And Outlook 2016-2022 research report that says APAC has by far the largest regional market and will continue to dominate the global material handling cobots industry followed by Europe and North America. Driven by a rising demand in material handing cobots market, APAC region will also see the fastest growth, geographically, throughout 2016 to 2022, according to this newly published research. The major material handling cobots market applications include pick & place, palletizing / de-palletizing, packing and packaging, product / part transfer, machine tending, etc. Pick and place represents the largest application among all usage of material handling cobots in industrial manufacturing. Articulated cobots are currently the major form of material handling cobots. Broadly, main end-users of material handling cobots market include automotive industry, electrical and electronics, chemical, rubber and plastics, metal and machinery, food and beverages as well as other industrial sectors. Automotive industry has so far been attracting the majority of new installations, followed by electrical and electronics and then chemical, rubber and plastics manufacturers. Adoption of material handling cobots in food and beverages market is expected to enjoy the highest growth rate over the years to come says this 2016 research report. Material handling cobots market will represent an increasingly important and growing segment of the global industrial robots sector in terms of unit shipment as well as sales revenue for 2016-2022. Structure of global material handling cobots market: [caption id="attachment_73279" align="aligncenter" width="745"]Material Handling Cobots Market Material Handling Cobots Market[/caption] The major challenges for material handling cobots market are safety concerns, technological difficulty of improving payload capacity & speed of cobots, and low penetration rates of industrial cobots. The report quantifies the global material handling cobots market from an end-user, application, and region perspective over the coverage of 2014-2022. Global data is available for unit shipment, sales from hardware, and combined revenue generated from hardware and software of material handling cobots in each sub-market. Current competitive scenario and profiles of major vendors/players are also enclosed in the report. Companies Mentioned in this material handling cobots market report include ABB, KUKA, Rethink Robotics, Universal Robots, Fanuc, Adept Technology, Bionic Robotics GmbH, Robotnik Automation S.L.L., Scape Technologies A/S and Blue Ocean Robotics GmbH. Inquire for a discount on listed prices of this research or get your questions on the report answered via . Complete research titled Global Material Handling Cobots Market By End-User, Application, And Region – Analysis And Outlook 2016-2022 is available at .