Chatbots Market - Messaging Apps Driving Growth as Chat Bots Acquire ‘Intelligence’

The chatbots market is seeing unprecedented development activity with people spending more time on messaging apps as compared to any social media network with 90% of the ‘mobile’ time spent on emails and messaging platforms. With an objective of increasing user engagement, offer personalized experience and lowering costs, chatbots are delivering significant value via their mobile optimized features. Add to it the benefit of ‘no downloads required’, and chat bots are a win-win offering for consumers as well as businesses adopting and pushing their usage. With technological advancements that are trying to add ‘empathy’ to chatbots, the market is taking slow and steady but concrete steps towards personalizing the user experience while trying to minimize human intervention. The chatbots market players are expanding their wings into multiple sectors including online consumer goods shopping, news, weather, personal finance, health, the ‘friend’ segment and much more. Certain research sources say it is a given that chat bots are the next big thing after apps in the mobile technology ecosystem. Others, are already trying to figure out an answer to – what beyond chatbots? There are experts that say, if chat bots become as big as apps are as of date, the next big challenge would be how to find out one that is of use. In addition to basic technology features covering scripts, APIs, cloud and more used to develop chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing play a crucial role in how and what do chat bots talk with users. The idea of providing personalized engagement to users is primarily driven by how meaningful can conversations via chatbots be. Add to it, the ‘brand’ value associated with a bot and companies are working very hard to ensure they employ the ‘right’ chatbots to represent their brands while talking to users. Along with their potential benefit of probably replacing few apps, their limitation of ‘knowledge’ may push back their mass-commercial adaptability. Global Chatbots Market Research Report 2021 is the latest business intelligence study available with Published as recently as Aug 2016, this 102 pages report is supported with 117 data tables and figures. Companies like Apple, Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Artificial Solutions, Baidu, Botego, CodeBaby, CogniCor, Creative Virtual, CX Company, EasilyDo, Facebook, Google, IBM, Inbenta Technologies, Interactions, IPsoft, Ivee, Jibo, Living Actor (Cantoche), Microsoft, MindMeld, Next IT and Nuance are discussed in this research available at .