Demand in Rice Bran Oil Market Increasing with Rising Awareness of Health and Skin Benefits

With increasing awareness in consumers, rice bran oil market is seeing growing demand from developed countries as well as emerging markets led by Asian region, specifically India, China, Japan and others. In addition to its usage as edible oil, the rice bran oil also has a by-product in the form of rice bran wax used in cosmetics, shoe creams, polishing compounds and confectionery, where it is used as a substitute of carnauba wax. However, the rice bran oil market is sought after the most as a consumer good used in regular food items due to its multiple health benefits as well as its impact on the skin in the long run. Companies active in the rice bran oil market have been facing challenges and questions from experts with regards to the omega 6 and high fiber levels the oil contains. The ratio of omega 6 (very high amounts) to omega 3 (barely there to virtually none) in rice bran oils have been a discussion point since more than couple of years now. With the body requiring both acids in almost equal quantity, high usage of rice bran oil may have adverse impact on health if the proportion of omega 3 intake is not maintained. Excessive fiber is known to play a role in blocking digestive tract during multiple situations in a body and this is the second challenge being faced by the rice bran oil market across the globe. On the other hand, the rising consciousness of consumers to go ‘organic’ in all feasible aspects of their daily life style is positively pulling them to push the grown of rice bran oil market. With the oil benefits ranging from lowering cholesterol levels, acting as anti-cancer and anti-infection agent, help in weight loss, hypoallergenic, vitamin E and squalene offering skin benefits, few positive impacts on hair and women benefiting with their menopausal issues, the disadvantages are being crushed at the moment. With more and more players joining the rice bran oil market bandwagon, competition is expected to move up benefiting the consumers further offering them multiple product options to choose from and hopefully prices going down in the long run. offers latest research titled Global Rice Bran Oil Industry Report 2016 spread across 219 pages, supported with 329 data tables & figures while talking about 23 rice bran oil market companies like Ricela, Kamal, BCL, SVROil, Vaighai, A. P. Refinery, 3F Industries, Sethia Oils, Jain Group of Industries, Shivangi Oils, Balgopal Food Products, King Rice Oil Group, CEO Agrifood Limited, Kasisuri, Surin Bran Oil, Agrotech International, Tsuno Rice Fine Chemicals, Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical, Wilmar International, Wanyuan Food & Oil, Jinrun, Shanxin and Jinwang. Read more on this latest rice bran oil market report at .