e-Learning Market to see Double Digit Growth for Next Few Years

Globally, the e-learning market of formalized teaching and knowledge share happening with the help of electronic devices, has been evolving since its commencement. As we all know computer and internet forms the basis of this form of learning. It is network-enabled transfer of knowledge that can cater to a large number of people in different locations at the same time. The propagation of laptops, smart phones and tablets has exponentially increased the prospect of e-learning market in the last few years. Additionally, social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter and advanced mobile cameras, GPS tracking features and latest mobile apps have helped bringing people to the same platform any time during the day. This also helps learners share their findings and opinions with co-learners which adds to the overall impact of e-learning.

e-learning market has been embracing new technologies time and again and has grown exponentially. According to key researchers, global e-learning industry is expected to grow at an impressive double-digit CAGR till 2020. Especially with the easy access to learning with the help of a mobile phone or smart phones, e-learning market has got a boost. From automobile and consumer goods to fashion and healthcare sector, learning via mobile device has become a worthwhile option. Other major factor that is driving this e-learning industry is the fact that this form of learning enables learners to learn at their own time decreasing the cost of employing professionals to do this job.

As mentioned earlier, e-learning has been evolving constantly with the new technologies being introduced time and again. Some of the trends for 2017-2018 that will help the growth of this e-learning market further are things like microlearning, gamification, automated learning and more.

Microlearning targets those busy learners who are interested in bite-sized online courses which help them gain maximum out of those minimum 10-15 minutes. Other important trend in e-learning market is Game-based learning. This game-based online learning solutions has increased by leaps and bounds over the last few years, and this movement shows no signs of slowing down in 2017.  Several e-learning players like Adobe, and Trivantis are upgrading the game-based learning development capabilities of their products each time, to meet this growing demand of the end-users. Automated e-learning market segment is another sector that will definitely prove helpful for corporates. This trend is set to grow further from 2017 to beyond.  Companies will use software applications of automated e-learning development activities like creating online assessments and learning games, to help employee development in less budget.

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