Importance of Goat Milk in Infant Formula Market Growing Steadily

With infant milk formula market expected to double to $25 billion by the year 2017, the ever rising global population (projected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050 according to the United Nations) is driving sales and demand for infant milk formula across the world. This global infant milk formula demand is outpacing the supplies. According to past reports, Chinese citizens travelling abroad to U.K., Netherlands or any other country would empty the store shelves of its infant formula milk to take along with them back home. This would lead to shortage of the milk in those countries. This high demand in Asia-Pacific region, particularly China and Hong Kong is being met by Europe and other countries globally and thus they are benefitting out of it. According to reports, local distributors of Argentina have started marketing their infant formula in China. This section of food and beverage industry is driven by several factors like population growth, improved living standards of parents, nutritional concerns towards babies and young children, special measures to give food suitable to young children’s’ age groups. The demand for infant formula is not affected by the changing economic cycles globally. Special technology is required to develop infant formula milk from a given nutritional profile. They cover about thirty different ingredients (sugars, fats, minerals, vitamins and more), which are crucial to making appropriate infant formula milk. Moreover a specific Management of the hygienic conditions of processing operations needs to be used in order to guarantee the best microbiological level of formulas. In the recent years, Goat milk infant formula is gaining popularity in this section. Goat’s milk is believed to contain less lactose than cow’s milk. It is not a lactose free alternative but it is useful for babies who may have cow milk allergy or lactose intolerance. The proteins in goats milk form lesser “curds” as the stomach acids bind to the proteins and then begin digestion.  This makes the proteins found in goat’s milk more readily digestible in baby’s stomach. Updated on July 8 2016: In addition to the report mentioned below, now offers 'Global And China Goat Milk Infant Formula Sales Market Report 2020' research of 124 pages profiling 16 major companies active in the goat milk infant formula market. An expertly analysed goat milk infant formula market report is a part of our vast collection of Food and Beverage reports. Current market scenario and future prospects to 2021 are the major highlights of this research. The report is available at