The Tobacco Market Avenues Growing Beyond Smoking Cigarettes

The traditional tobacco market (cigarettes) is seeing a challenge in form of a rising segment of tobacco products in form of snus, dry snuff, moist snuff, smokeless, dissolvable and dipping tobacco products and more. Health awareness along with increasing bans on smoking across different regions of the world is giving a boost to smokeless tobacco market and other tobacco products that can be consumed orally. Developed countries are seeing rising demand of organic tobacco products supported by high disposable income in addition to the spreading awareness about regular tobacco offerings. APAC, led by China and India, leads the tobacco production market share and is also right behind North America in seeing demand for organic tobacco market products. With research supporting electronic cigarettes as comparatively safer and less toxic to regular cigarette, the tobacco industry is facing a variety of challenges. Not only are the product segment and offerings becoming competitive, governments are putting their best foot forward via looming tax rules as well as spreading awareness to create a tougher environment for tobacco market players to grow. For example, Australia has an income of $8 billion in such taxes against its similar health related system initiatives being worth $3 billion – clearly showing an encouraging sign for governments to push for tobacco related tax reforms and utilizing this income to spend on health awareness against the usage of tobacco market products. The market for snus as well as snuff (dry, moist) is explored by the big players of tobacco industry not only to expand their product offerings, but also to identify segments that can offer a wide geographical reach without (or with less) issues being faced in traditional tobacco markets. The moist snuff market has grown steadily in US with value priced and pouch segments leading the way. Globally, the moist snuff market is not as developed in comparison and may present decent opportunities to players if their offerings match targeted local tastes and habits. The Global Dry Snuff Market Research Report 2021 now available with at talks about companies like Altria Group, Inc., British American Tobacco PLC (BAT), Dharampal Satyapal Group, Imperial Tobacco Group, Japan Tobacco, Inc. (JT), JMJ Group, Manikchand Group, Reynolds American Inc. (RAI), Swedish Match and Swisher International, Inc. For each of these companies, this 2016 research provides sales, price, revenue and market share. Sales, revenue, market share and growth rate of Snus in North America, China, Europe, Japan, India and Southeast Asia are covered for the duration of 2011 to 2021.