Organic Cosmetics Market and Natural Products Growth Trends

Manufactures are expected to keep up with the new demands of the organic cosmetics market and the beauty industry with today’s consumers increasingly demanding eco-friendly products in all aspects of their lives including food and beauty regimes. This awareness is giving a competitive advantage to new business ventures and old ones to flourish fully. An outcome of a survey to know the current awareness on organic cosmetics market had following results: Percentage of consumers who would buy socially responsible brands which fall under the category of organic: Latin America – 63% Asia Pacific – 64% America – 42% Middle East – 63% Europe – 40% Of the many drivers that are pushing the growth of organic cosmetics market, some of the important ones include Pollution, Urbanism and rise of allergies. Pollution and urbanism has taken a toll on people’s health and has caused increased stress levels, lack of sleep, unbalanced diet etc. allergies on the other hand have caused Respiratory problems, Allergies, skin irritations, Premature aging and a number of Diseases. Organic cosmetics market offers an array of solutions to these everyday problems. The natural products not just focus on beauty enhancement but also promise Purity, Protection, Relaxation and a holistic inside out approach. According to another research, global demand for organic personal care products, one-third of which are skincare products is expected to reach $13.2 billion by 2018. has on offer a thoroughly scrutinized organic cosmetics market report for 2016 – 2021 with profiles of key players, growth trends and more. Buy a copy of this report @ . Consumers taking a more holistic approach towards beauty and health are the key to this latest surge in popularity and growth of the wellness and organic cosmetics market. A holistic approach to health in beauty and overall wellness combining food, exercise, fashion and beauty, all green and clean products market is rising at a rapid rate globally. Interestingly, marketing of organic cosmetics market players is also focusing on the environmental and social benefits of all natural products, with more importance being given to sourcing of natural ingredients. Organic cosmetics market looks set to prosper vigorously in this fast pace of hectic lifestyle. With organic beauty trends riding high and enjoying the newfound visibility that the wellness drift has brought to the world, organic cosmetics market is all set to grow rapidly. And as more conventional brands look at the growth opportunities that organic beauty has to offer, we can expect to see much more from this rapidly growing sector. Explore complete collection of reports on cosmetics and other consumer goods market segments at .