Organic Tea Market and Organic Beverages Industry Overview

According to Google Beverage Trends report, in 2017, top beverage queries are those of tea in countries like Spain and Mexico. Organic tea market has had a great global journey since its health benefits are known to the world.

The organic tea market especially in the US is expected to continue its growth over the next five years due to its favorable market conditions, availability of organic tea varieties in most retail outlets and many people taking keen interest in the variety of options available in the green tea market. The key driver of this organic tea market would be the fact that organic tea is surely a healthier beverage option amongst all organic beverages industry products. According to a recent research, organic tea market in the US is expected to grow at nearly 5% CAGR through 2017-2021.

Health magazines and health and lifestyle websites couldn’t talk enough about the many health benefits of organic tea. It is packed with antioxidants like epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), has fat burning capacity and is widely promoted in weight loss programs. The antioxidation property of organic tea especially green tea has made it an important ingredient of many International cosmetic lines. With time organic tea market has evolved and is now giving products to suit a specific need of customer. Matcha, Bubble, ginger, oolong and thai are some of the popular organic teas across the globe.

Organic tea market offerings, especially green tea is going to continue to be a favorite organic beverages industry product in years to come according to researchers. The care that is being taken to grow and nurture the tea plants is exceptional owing to the specific needs of tea leaves, tea tastes, tea infusion, caffeine-free tea and more that is in global demand today. With increasing awareness and research on the beneficial ingredients of tea, the organic tea market is gaining more and more popularity.

eMarketOrg has accumulated some of the expertly analyzed research global reports for decision makers and key players of this industry to help them understand current trends and future prospects of organic tea market as well as overall organic beverages industry. Listed below are a couple of these reports:

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