Packaging Automation Solution Market Share and Competitive Analysis

Globally, packaging automation solution market is growing rapidly with the introduction of robots and IoT into multiple industries, as automation has started replacing human labor quickly, across geographies and sectors. Automation market today is not just limited to automation machinery, it involves robots of high precision and efficiency to do the job.

Large human labor is otherwise required in this industry and at every step efficient and consistent work force of best quality is required. With one person being absent at work, it affects the set process as a whole and disrupts the production. Robots on the other hand are a better option for obtaining consistent and efficient end products that are packaged as per the industry standards. The global packaging automation solution market is expected to grow at more than 10% CAGR to exceed USD 70 billion by 2025

There are several drivers responsible for the fast pace of growth of this packaging automation solution market which shows that use of robots for packaging is much better than human labor. The key driver here is flexibility. With a touch of button the pattern of packaging can change for type one to type two. This is very crucial to packaging automation solution market as customization is the current need of the customers today. The other driver is consistency. Robot packaging machines can improve the product quality while saving time due to the speed with which they deliver the end product. Consequences of robotic movements are organized and consistent, which improves the quality of packaging. The third and an important driver of this global packaging automation solution market is accuracy. Robotics packaging systems have specific kinds of robots for specific functions that need to be performed. Wide reach kind of robot arm, slim arm, strong arm to pick up heavy objects; all this is now possible with precise kind of robots available as per the need of the packaging industry.

Thus, robotics is at the turning point of the automation revolution especially for the global packaging automation solution market as it has been increasing productivity across all sectors of the manufacturing world and not just limited to the packaging market. In the global packaging automation solution sector, robots are associated from the beginning to end of the process which include handling the products, case packing and palletizing; and picking and placing. Efficient usage of robotics and automation is led by the packaging industry pushing the utilization to other manufacturer’s production line.

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