Production of Cow Milk Infant Formula Market Growing Rapidly

Preferred as primary ingredient for infant formula market, cow milk is widely used due to its proteins as well as the balance it brings between carbohydrates, fats and these important proteins. In order for babies to digest these easily, the cow milk infant formula is altered and still remains as top consumer choice that is said to comparatively have an edge over others (goat milk, soy based or protein hydrolysate formulas) in terms of being similar to breast milk. Leading companies of cow milk infant formula across the globe are seeing increased demand for their products. One of the many research sources say production of cow milk infant formula market may hit 3200 K MT by 2022, which is more than a 40% increase when compared to 2015 approx. production numbers. Because children, up to 1 year of their age, have difficulty in digesting a quite a few ingredients from cow’s milk (protein, potassium, sodium), the companies alter the formula to suit new born baby needs. The cow milk infant formula market players offer three product forms in powdered formula, concentrated liquid formula and ready-to-use formula. FDA recommends certain amount of nutrients required to be present in these infant formula products, other than which, the recipe varies from one manufacturer to other. The common factor among these companies and infant formula market products remain the cow milk simply because of its benefits over other options and its own limitations, which are subjective. On the flip side, trends observed in children fed cow milk infant formula market products or in general any infant formula, show allergic reactions, gastrointestinal infections and other sickness symptoms at a higher level when compared to those that have not been fed these infant formula market products. Genetically modified ingredients and at times synthetically derived nutrients impact negatively and have been major concerns raised by researches and hence, major challenges faced by infant formula market companies. These points also raise a need for organic formula, which are also catching up as the next best product option among consumers. With increased demand from China and other selected economies, the cow milk infant formula market is not only facing a shortage in certain regions, producers are now opting for usage of goat milk in infant formula to meet the rising demand. For example, Australia is seeing increased production of goat milk with the sole objective of helping the baby formula industry cope up with the so-called shortage. has Global Cow Milk Infant Formula Market Professional Survey Report 2016 in its database that talks about companies like Dumex, Mead Johnson, Wyeth, Nestle, Abbott, Beingmate gmate, ADY, Longdan, Wandashan, Synutra, Yili, Yashili (Mengniu), Liaoning Huishan Dairy Group, Xian Yinqiao Group, Sanyuan, Shanghai Chenguan Dairy Co.Ltd, Shanxi Guchengruye, Tibet Yak Milk, Mengniu, Brightdairy, Wissun, Scient and Nanshan. Read more at .