Protective Equipment Market – Importance of Footwear, Clothing for Occupational Safety Administration

International safety & health standards are pushing personal protective equipment market in general, and specifically, the industrial safety footwear and personal thermal protective clothing segments across industries and regions. Different industries have potential hazards unique to them and there are common instances of accidents, which are making personal protective equipment (PPE) is a standard and part of “best practices” around the world. Protective footwear market segment has picked up real fast amongst a lot of the industry verticals. However, requirement standards have also been defined for face, eye, lungs, skin, ear, body and head protection with instructions on devices that need to be used. Governments in various countries are gradually making some of these PPE products mandatory, giving a boost to the worldwide personal protective equipment market. Apart from the industrial protective footwear market growing consistently, other products and segments like safety helmets, thermal protective clothing, gloves, protective sleeves, glasses, coveralls, disposable PPE etc. have started gaining importance. Selected employers getting conscious about the health and safety of their employees have set instances where either the complete PPE set is provided by an organization or part of it is reimbursed in cases where employees are being proactive to buy products for themselves. In order to maintain minimal risk environment in working premises, the maintenance of personal protective equipment is equally important. Construction, manufacturing and transportation industries in emerging economies are set to drive growth of personal protective equipment (PPE) market around the world. India, China, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam and Latin America are some of the continuously growing regional PPE markets whereas Europe and North America still dominate, globally.  New resistant materials and rising demand for infection control in healthcare are some of the other growth drivers. After industrial safety footwear segment, market for hand and arm protection is projected to lead for next few years. Forecast to hit USD 50 Billion mark soon, the personal protective equipment market is growing steadily. The range of PPE solutions being offered is increasing consistently and major players are vying to gain personal protective equipment market share in every way possible. Protective coveralls, that offer comfortable, breathable and convenient safety guard to the body are gaining traction in multiple industries. Safety against selected chemicals, airborne particulates, infective agents, electrostatic properties, flame and more is offered by these coveralls offered by leading companies like 3M, Gemplers, Dalton International, Berner Safety and others. The offerings differ by type, may be materials and safety coverage, but ultimately aim to help offer PPE market solutions that help companies / end-users meet government regulations as well as industry standards. has in its library a study titled Global Protective Coveralls Market Research Report 2017 of 125 pages that provides data (capacity, production, price, revenue and market share) about companies like 3M, Honeywell, Dupont, Lakeland Industries, Kimberly-Clark, uvex and Enviro Safety Products. Covering the regions of      North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India, production, consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate of protective coveralls for these regions is explored in this research available at .