Growth of Same Day Delivery Market Reviewed and Analyzed

Present day customers want their products delivered as fast as possible to their door step. Customers globally are spoilt for choices. Same day delivery market has the potential to revolutionize the way people shop online and from retail stores as well.

This E-commerce revolution has led to expensive research on conventional supply chains of same day delivery market. Both online retail and brick-and-mortar stores are working on operating new models of same-day-delivery with the help of logistics providers like FedEx, DHL, DPD and more. This revolution has also increased the expectations of the customers which includes safe delivery along with same-day-delivery. Previously, products delivered within a week was a thing, but the demands and needs of customers are changing each day and big players like Amazon, eBay and many others are expanding their services faster to cater to the needs of the customers.

A recent survey conducted to study the same day delivery market in France, Germany, Sweden and UK showed that 50% of the people were ready to pay upto EUR 6 or 7 for a EUR 59 purchase if they were getting same day delivery. In another global survey it was found that 61% of the online shoppers were ready to pay an additional amount for same day delivery service. This figure is increasing year on year. Another professional survey showed more than 60% of buyers not satisfied with the current speed of delivery service. Same day delivery market is not just not just going to make the customers happy. It is here to benefit the online retailers as well as local retail stores. Same day delivery will give immediate product access, improving their position as compared to the stationary retailers. This combined with lower prices, higher convenience, greater choices will all lead to the success of retailers.

While same day delivery will lead to the growth of e-commerce businesses across the world, it is also going to keep the customers happy and loyal to the e-commerce players who are offering this facility. Small players of the same day delivery market will have to invest and improve their delivery chain structure to catch with this end user demand. They will have to keep up with the same day delivery market growth to sustain themselves in the industry because same day delivery is becoming a very crucial aspect of the shopping experience of customers across the globe for online and other retail stores as well.

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