Size of Baking Ingredients Market Growing Steadily, Worldwide

The market of baking ingredients is seeing consistent demand from developing regions of Asia Pacific and Latin America, with North America and Europe already witnessing a mature baking ingredients market over a period of time. With APAC and Latin American geography segments growing in terms of population, increasing disposable income, westernized approach towards food habits and more, the baking ingredients market is getting a push supported by changing food habits and lack of time for the end-users. Bread being one of the most commonly consumed and sought after global baked product, is seeing innovations and variations via ingredients used to prepare bread based on regional tastes and preferences that keep changing around the world. In addition to cultural changes and taste-buds a rise in number of working women across geographies is also pushing various baked products into conventional food plans as well as alternatives to home cooked food. In value and volume, bread leads the braking ingredients market share of products segments with cakes and pastries slowly catching up in second place as developing countries show more demand for this segment. The convenience of using pre-mixes for cakes as well as breads are giving a huge push to the baking powder and overall mixes segment within the broad level baking ingredients market. Enzymes are also growing at a great rate with oils, fats and shortenings already having good traction in the industry. Technological advances in packaging as well as distribution channels are helping the spread of baking ingredients market in newer territories as well as in addition of innovative offerings of baked products. For regions like Europe, where private label products remain important, industrial bakery products are expected to see better opportunities over a period of time. The ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ craze is catching up within the baking ingredients industry too with low fat and low or no sugar products gaining importance in parallel of increased usage of functional ingredients like multigrains, vitamins, etc. Health consciousness, awareness of quality products and availability of genuinely good baked products is helping customers enjoy their favourite bakery products without taking a hit on their health. has ‘Global Baking Ingredients Industry 2016 Market Research Report’ in its database, which is a 157 pages 2016 study supported with 161 data tables and figures. Companies active in the baking ingredients market like Barker, Darbo, Hero, Fourayes, Fresh Food Industries, RainSweet, EFCO, Fruit Fillings, I. Rice, PRESAD, Puratos, AGRANA, Frujo a.s., Jebsen Industrial, Hangzhou Henghua, Shanghai Fuyuan, Shineroad, Wenshen Strawberry, Leqin Food, Mingbin Food and Luhe Food are discussed and profiled in this research available at .