Sleeping Pods Market Expanding Reach Beyond Airports

Globally, sleeping pods are gaining acceptance as airport sleeping pods market is seeing rising usage and their applications in non-airport industries are growing in U.S. and selected regions across the world. Also known as a sleep vending machine, other than an airport, sleeping pods market is expanding its reach in hotels, relevant public spaces, office buildings and much more. With traditional hotels not always a feasible option to stay for travelers, with reasons ranging from time to be spent, budget and others, sleeping pods market in airports is growing steadily at international level. The growth has been to a level where airport sleeping pod hotels have started coming up. With benefits ranging from short term stays limited to stop-over timings and comparatively less costs, airport sleeping pods market services are expanding to accommodate smaller offerings like wi-fi, temperature control and selected ones offering a small TV for entertainment purposes. Temperature control is another feature being added to this list in selected pods. On the other hand, airport hotels offer breakfast and private bathroom features, which are important to quite a few travelers. However, when the comparison is being done on cost and time factors, there are only a selected few who may prefer hotels over product offerings of sleeping pods market in airports, given a choice. Adding to non-aeronautical revenue for airports, sleeping pods and luxury lounges are growing at a steady rate as advanced technologies and facilities are being built up for travelers. Capsules hotels are adding to the trends of airport sleeping pods market as these pods help airports utilize space efficiently as airport traffic increases across the globe. The competitive landscape of this industry is tight as companies fight for market share via cost, quality and other factors. Single occupancy sleeping pods have dominated the airport sleeping pods market till now and shared occupancy sector is also gaining traction along with value added services like flight tracking capabilities, wake-up call and work desk being targeted by players to address the target audience. has a new research publication titled “Global Airport Sleeping Pods Market Research Report 2017” that segments the global industry into several key regions including North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India. Data and information on production, market share, consumption, revenue in million USD and growth rate of airport sleeping pods in these regions is provided in this research from 2012 to 2022 (forecasts). Worldwide airport sleeping pods market competition is studied by top companies like GoSleep, Sleepbox, Napcabs, SnoozeCube, Minute Suites, 9hours, JetQuay, Snooze At My Space and Podtime. For each of these companies, statistics covered include price, production, revenue in value and market share is covered in the report. End users / applications of airport sleeping pods market including children and adults are studied at length offering numbers on growth rate, consumption in terms of sales and market share. Additionally, market growth rate, production, price, and revenue of product types covering single occupancy and share occupancy sleeping pods are provided for readers to take business decisions. Complete report of 101 pages supported with 126 data tables and charts is now available at .