Smart Kitchen Market and smart connected cooking appliances

Heart of any house, the kitchen is becoming one of the smartest places of a home with Internet of Things slowly creeping into the kitchen and cooking appliances. With cars and phones which have already become ‘Smart’, it is time for the smart kitchen market to grow extensively and kitchen appliances to be connected.

Smart kitchens are becoming popular gradually and several companies across the globe are researching on new designs of smart technology in kitchens. Internet of Things market today is not just limited to smart wearables and smart cars. Kitchens are becoming extremely smart for consumers’ ease of operation and handling of kitchen appliances. Well, these smart kitchen appliances like the fridge and pantry have cameras installed in them to check the available groceries at home while being in a grocery store queue. To make life even more easy, the technology installed in a fridge can suggest recipes for lunch or dinner based on what is available in it.

Working couples don’t need to keep a check on the expiry date of milk and other products on a daily basis. These innovative and smart kitchens work through smart phone apps and will pick the food products in a refrigerator that have crossed expiry dates. Thus, it is very evident that the major driving forces of this smart kitchen market include the large amount of time and effort that is saved by working couples and other busy professionals which they would otherwise spent on cooking to feed their family. The awareness of eating healthy and eating right is another major factor driving this industry. People no more want to rely on packed food full of preservatives for their daily meals. They want a fresh meal starting from a fresh glass of juice in the morning coming from a smart juicer to home cooked dinner coming from easy use of the smart kitchen technology.

The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization has valued that 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year, equivalent to about a third of all food needed for human consumption while recklessly using vital resources of land, energy and water. Smart kitchens can help you keep track of which foods were closest to spoiling and thus use them at the right time to avoid wastage. Thus, cloud-based kitchen platforms that are connected to smart kitchen appliances are the next big thing of the Internet of Things market.

Major key players of the smart kitchen industry are intensively researching to come up with the best of connected kitchen appliances that will soon hit the market in the coming years. In general, the so called connected objects of the internet of things market are expected to increase upto 50 billion by 2020 with a forecasted market value of trillions of dollars globally. We have collected a few expertly researched reports on smart kitchen market and smart appliances that will help decision on the path of growth in this smart kitchen industry.

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