Telematics Control Unit Market Status and TCU Industry Outlook Reviewed

Wireless connectivity of a car to its surroundings and beyond is the key to telematics control unit market. This telematic control unit system is becoming an important and useful in-car capability feature adding to the sophistication and security of the end user vehicles. Telematic control unit (TCU) market is becoming an essential sector of the ever growing automobile industry. This unit is embedded on board of vehicles to help and control tracking them. Telematics control unit market is focused on the drivers and passenger safety while providing them with real-time directions and re-routing help in case of a traffic jam.  Telematic control unit market end users today are encouraging the industry growth by wanting more and better technology based functionalities in their vehicles including far spread connectivity, automatic collision notification, emergency assistance, vehicle diagnostics, local search, roadside assistance, traffic and weather info and more. High end technology is being incorporated and revised by key players of Telematic control unit market to meet the growing needs of the customers. Technology wise, telematic control unit should provide a good vehicle-to-cloud communication, secure onboard communication, vehicle-to-vehicle/vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, integration of consumer devices securely and easily. Thus, it is very evident that the end users of Telematic control unit market are very specific in the facilities expected from the telematic unit. The crux and key drivers of this telematic control unit market were communication and mobility which led to the TCU industry growth and advancement. By 2020, 250 million connected cars are expected to be on road. The future of telematic control unit market seems ever bright. As this industry grows, these units will be expected to offer increased utility features covering but not limited to information exchange between vehicles and their surroundings. These features will have to get speedier with time. The end users will want unlimited functionalities from the growing Telematic control unit market like communication with auto repair shop, provide drivers with traffic information before they even start driving or download vehicle software updates directly via over the air updates and even access their emails. Another forecast says one out of every three owners would change their vehicle model in order to have a better and connected vehicle. Telematic control unit market is actively tackling the current challenges and developing and spreading at a very fast pace than ever. In order to ensure automated driving penetrates deep into multiple economies, companies are devoting dollars, R&D and other required efforts with an objective of offering secure, consistent and reliable data transmission to connected cars. eMarketOrg offers a well-researched report on telematic control unit market by industry experts. Read more on this study titled “Global Telematics Control Unit (TCU) Market Research Report 2017” @ .