The Banknote Market: Printing Machines, Sorters See Consistent Growth

Billions of banknotes in circulation are pushing banknote market to grow steadily in spite of rising plastic and mobile money currencies taking over the globe with advancements and penetration of technology. The expiration of old banknotes, increased demand of more liquidity from under-developed as well as population heavy developing economies, technical and technological upgrades required to beat counterfeits are some of the major factors pushing the banknote printing market as well as the industry of other banknote related products. With an average life span of few months to few years, banknotes do not seem to be going anywhere as notes in circulation are growing at around 3% each year, globally. Due to very obvious reasons, the banknote industry is a very closely knit market with security and privacy playing a major role in determining the importance of stakeholders – printing machine manufacturers, companies offering technology, solutions, governments, policy decision makers and others. Not only is the banknote printing machine market facing security threats, the ever advancing technology sector is an equal threat to electronic modes of keeping, managing and transferring currency too. With newer facets being demanded on banknotes, printing them is very serious business of maintaining integrity and quality. Few commercial banknote printers and printing machine market players are now expanding their business offerings to security and solutions within the same segment in order to ensure they grow in supplementary and/or complementary business lines. Tax stamps for governments, services and solutions for government identity schemes are a couple of examples of these offerings. Newer technologies (crypto-currencies, bitcoins, mobile/smartphone payments, etc.) are aiming to disrupt the currency and banknotes market. However, existing population as well as that on the rise in developing as well as under-developed economies ensure that demand of banknotes neither go down nor is stagnated. Few trends that are helping the banknote market remain stable are increasing market share of durable banknote substrates, long lasting currencies, acceptance of polymer banknotes, proven polymer integration and new banknotes developments. Major companies active in the banknote market include De La Rue, Geisecke & Devrient (G&D) and Fortress Paper. Non-printing security features of banknotes are also gaining importance gradually and attracting organizations to play an active role to further the value of a banknote. Paper, print and technology are the fundamentals of banknote industry and top companies are increasing their business focus around these pillars to gain competitive advantage. has a couple of relevant studies: the first one is titled Global And China Banknote Printing Machine Market Report To 2020, which is of 109 pages and is supported with 131 data tables and figures. Covering applications of governments and central banks, this banknote printing machine market research talks about product types like Intaglio Printing, Offset as well as Silk Screen Printing. Companies and manufacturers like KBA, Goebel, KOMORI and CBPM are discussed in this study that covers the regional scope of North America, Europe, Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia. Read more at . Another study titled Global Banknote Sorter Sales Market Report 2021 talks about product types including Small size 1-4, Middle size 5-8 as well as Large size. Companies like Giesecke & Devrient, Glory, Laurel, Delarue, Toshiba, Kisan Electronics, Julong, Xinda, GRG Banking, Guao Electronic and  Harbin Bill Sorter are discussed in this 125 pages report available at .