The Cloud Market Advances: Storage to Security and Emails to Apps, Cloud-First is Driving Organizations

Businesses, small and big, are moving towards ‘cloud-first’ policies pushing the cloud market to grow across geographies, industries and business processes that were, until few years back, considered not replaceable. The flexibility, cost-saving and ease-of-use features of cloud market products is not only helping small businesses go-to-market on time, these are encouraging large organizations to shift some of their on-premise technology functions to the cloud. Storage is one of the fast growing segments of cloud market alike for individuals as well as businesses. More and more people now prefer having their data back-ups in the cloud, be it images, videos, student literatures or simply reference documents. Businesses utilize the cloud market offerings for primary storage, backup, digital market, data movement & access solutions and much much more to focus on their root business functions. Overall security or email security, cloud market is attracting a lot of vendors, small and big, towards itself be it for data security, effective encryption, compliances, legal and contractual issues or business specific topics. The cloud market is equally helping small customers with their apps and large corporations with their product lifecycle management processes with automation getting easier and economies of scale coming into picture. There was a time when in-house technology investments were required to be justified periodically – today, the ‘cloud-first policies’ are gathering momentum amongst the CTOs and CIOs to leverage the benefits of cloud. To a layman, cloud may sound delicate, but there are businesses and individuals utilizing the cloud market offerings everyday for their personal and/or professional benefits. There are cloud services used by people on a day-to-day basis (ex: gmail, music streaming, etc) without knowing that they are on cloud. Amazon, Google/Alphabet, Microsoft, Salesforce, iCloud, Dropbox are some of the companies growing their cloud market presence at a fast pace for small businesses as well as multi-national organizations. Players like Alibaba are now targeting to invade this space with enough finances at their disposal and decent ready resources available in the industry to explore the cloud market in terms of technology, services and products. For stakeholders and business decision makers, offers multiple reports on cloud market that aim to help readers take effective and strategic business decisions for their business processes. Global Business Cloud Storage Consumption Market Report 2016: Companies active in the business cloud storage market like Zoolz, OpenDrive, JustCloud, MozyPro, Egnyte, CrashPlan, Dropbox, Carbonite, Hightail and Box are discussed in this 2016 published cloud market research. Global Cloud Product Lifecycle Management Industry 2016 Market Research Report: PTC, Siemens PLM, AutoDesk, Dassault Systemes, Aras, Arena, Omnify, Oracle Agile and Infor are the major companies profiled in this cloud PLM market research published in 2016 and offering forecasts to 2021 for revenue and sales pricing. This cloud market report also covers how countries like USA, China, Japan and Germany meet their cloud PLM market needs. Explore all cloud market research reports available with at . We welcome any research requirements that may not be covered in our cloud market reports’ collection – contact us with details and we will be happy to help.