The Consumer Goods Industry Information and Analysis

The consumer goods and retail industry is experiencing massive revolution. Transformation in consumer behavior, shifts in buying power and shortage of natural resources are expected to redefine the supply chain of consumer goods industry quickly. These trends will let the manufacturers and retailers restructure their association.   To remain updated with the trends, ‘data’ is central to business success of this industry. An elaborate data-mediated association with the consumer leads to a wider scope of the brands’ success as compared to data-poor brands who will fail to compete effectively. It is a challenge for many consumer goods industry stake holders to develop intrinsic product based customer relationship due to lack of sufficient data.   Quality data absorbed by businesses in consumer goods industry has led to transformation and creative initiatives. These businesses are more focused on their customer needs, they stay ahead of competition and also manage their future line of products better than the others. Consumers today are well informed and empowered. Thus, it becomes important to react to changing market signals efficiently to win the marketplace. In order to achieve this, it is important to extract data of the following type:
  1. A precise insight into what customers want and the trends that are driving market opportunities.
  2. How is a brand perceived by the target group.
  3. What factors trigger the purchase decision and what are customer experiences with the current product.
  4. An understanding of how consumers relate with products and services, physically and online, emphasizing areas for investment.
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