The Platform Screen Doors Market Drivers and Platform Edge Doors’ Future

The major objective of platform screen doors (PSDs) market products and platform edge doors (PEDs) is to create enough space between platform and trains and hence their major applications are in in trains and subway stations. These new technology doors are a recent addition to several metro systems across the globe adding to the comfort and safety of this mode of transportation. Platform screen doors market products cover full-heighted and half-heighted PSDs to suit the infrastructure of the subway station. The half heighted ones also known as platform edge doors neither create a complete barrier nor reach the ceiling. On the other hand, full height platform screen doors cover the ceiling as well as entirely fence the station floor. These special technology doors have creeped in subways owing to some important drivers. The most important driver that drives platform screen doors market is the prevention of accidental falls off the railway platform into the lower track area. There were many cases of suicides and homicides before the installation of platform screen doors and PEDs.  It was observed that fast blowing wind felt by customers due to the piston effect was also causing the passengers to fall off from the trains. These platform screen doors (PSDs) market products provide good security for the passengers from fast moving train at the station and help prevent accidents. An important advantage of these platform edge doors and PSDs is that they help maintain a good climate control within the station. Heating, air conditioning, ventilation and temperatures in general are well maintained when the rest of the station is clearly separated from the tunnels which is possible due to platform screen doors. Products of these market ensure that access to tracks and tunnels is limited, thus helps maintain good security. Lesser involvement of human labor is an additional advantage of using platform screen doors market. Motormen or conductors are no more required with the current automatic train operation system. Not just the developed countries but the developing countries also have adopted to this new train automation technology of platform screen doors market to ensure the security and better travel experience of the passengers. With fast growing population and increase in rail services across the globe, platform screen doors market is definitely set to flourish in the years to come. More and more countries are moving towards high technology in all industries and railways will also not be left behind. It is a good time for the manufacturers and key industry players of platform screen doors market to grow with this growing industry segment. eMarketOrg has two new reports by industry exports which can be good source of information for these key players to make important decisions pertaining to platform screen doors market. These reports include: Platform Screen Doors Market Research Report 2017 @ Platform Screen Doors (PSD) Market By Manufacturers, Countries, Type And Application, Forecast To 2022 @