Trends in Personal Safety Equipment Market and Industry Analysis

Global personal safety equipment market is expanding due to introduction of better corporate rules and government regulations to avoid the occurrence of workplace accidents. Industries across the globe see a lot of workplace accidents, year-on-year, which can be prevented with basic precautions. Today, worldwide manufacturers and industries see a dire need to take into consideration the safety of their employees. A recent research report related to personal safety equipment market shows that less than 20% of the employees of various manufacturing departments actually wear safety gears for their eyes, ears, foot and head. Personal safety equipments now being incorporated gradually, intend to protect multiple body parts via different products. Personal safety equipment market products for head protection include helmets and hard hats, the eyes can be protected by providing safety glasses and eye shields, work gloves for hands, chemical, hi-visibility clothing, FE clothing and other protective body clothing, safety footwear, ear defenders and much more. As we know, accidents in the workplace are incredibly expensive. This is a major driving force for the growth of personal safety equipment market. Employee injuries and workplace destruction are resulting in high-cost incurrences for the manufacturers. Genuine concern for safety of employees as a moral duty of the management is also driving the personal safety equipment market. Add to these factors, corporate social and employee responsibility as well as regulations by various regional governments drive global personal protective equipment market segment. The major contributors to this industry boost are mining, food processing, automotive, oil and gas and aviation sectors. Recently personal safety equipment market has seen its growing importance by introduction of innovative materials to create personal protective products. quotes Darryl Nazareth, senior vice president, operations and R&D, Ansell, Iselin, NJ as saying "We’re seeing personal protective equipment manufacturers developing innovative new materials and formulations that not only are improving PPE overall, but also reducing costs." To add to these innovations, smart technology is being introduced in personal protective equipments. Smart technology helps detect environmental status, errors in the manufacturing area (ex: overheating, loose machine parts, etc.) which can lead to a mishap. Addition of smart technology to personal safety equipment market products like safety gears and clothing not only help identify any of these anomalies, prevent possible mishaps, save maintenance and repair costs and time, but also make the workplace a much safer place. Growing at a higher single digit % rate, personal protective equipment (PPE) market or personal safety equipment market is being pushed positively by awareness campaigns and mandatory compliance by governments as well as acceptability across organizations. These factors clearly indicate that the personal safety equipment market will see stable growth in next few years with more companies adopting required safety equipment. Keeping in mind regulation compliance as well as employee protection, organizations are aiming to reduce workplace injuries and the underlying costs. To take advantage of this fast growing personal protective equipment market, decision makers and key players can explore the collection of well researched reports on personal safety equipment market available with us at Global Industrial Safety Gloves Market Research Report 2017 @ Global Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Market By Manufacturers, Countries, Type And Application, Forecast To 2022 at .