What is New in Life Sciences Research During 2015?

Life science research includes a vast array of branches like biotechnology, genetic engineering, synthetic biology, genomics and proteomics. All these have led to remarkable developments in the health department. Specific fields like drugs, diagnostics and vaccines have helped in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Recent news of 2015 in the field of life science research which have grabbed our attention are: Major new research study on the impact of system-wide reorganization of cancer services Cancer treatment has been the focus of research scientist for a while now. Meanwhile, the current news is a development on the same lines. This advanced life sciences research and study, starting in September 2015, will focus on the impact of the centralization of specialist surgical pathways for four cancers across two health care systems: London Cancer and Manchester Cancer systems. Cancer drug makes fruit flies live longer Anti-ageing is a target research topic for many for a while. With the desire to look young by all, new advancements in this field are always welcome. It was found that adult fruit flies given a cancer drug live 12% longer than average, according to a UCL-led study researching healthy ageing. This drug targets a specific cellular process occurring in animals, including humans. This delays the onset of age-related deaths by while slowing the ageing process. We understand that Research & Development organizations face unique challenges in today’s times. Similarly, whether it’s a budding player seeking a successful growth strategy or an established organization looking to acclimatize to the ever changing marketplace, we understand that a pragmatic and realistic approach is required to bring value to the life science research and to stand out in this competitive market. Thus, such business organisations require help with portfolio management, data analytics, research & survey conduction, a successful strategy in understanding of competitors, market and end customers. We here at eMarketOrg.com aim to provide a few or all of the above through well investigated reports on varied topics of life sciences available at http://emarketorg.com/cat/life-sciences/ .